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Motorpaced 100 Lapper

The 100 Lapper is back and will be run once again this week on Wednesday down at the track starting from 7pm, This Session will cost $2 per rider to go towards the usage of the lights once the sun sets.

Track Training

Track Training running on Thursday Nights will be running for Juniors from 5pm, and Seniors will begin following the Conclusion of the Junior Training Session which will usually be somewhere between 6 and 6:30 pm. No Seniors on the Track while Junior Training is in Progress and No Junior Under 13's and Below are permitted to ride in the Senior Training Sessions.

Licence Renewals Due Now!

As of Monday 2nd October, Cycling Australia have now opened up Licence Renewals for the 2018 Racing Season, most riders will have until the 31st December to renew their licences for the year ending 31st December 2018, a reminder that to be allowed to race or train with us after 31st December 2017  you will need to have renewed your licence you can find more information on our Club Website under the Join links.