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club road racing




During the colder months our WINTER ROAD RACING is held  usually from Easter late March and concluding around the end of August or first few weeks of September.



Takes place at several locations around Dubbo and primarily takes place on Saturday afternoons. Graded races from E to A. Refer to our Calendar for Road Events and scroll down to see the full list of races on offer throughout the racing calendar.



Held on Saturday afternoons or some Sundays at the Dubbo Regional Cycle Facility criterium track. Ages are catered from Tiny Tots to Juniors 7 -13 years.  For up to date locations and start times please see the calendar section on our website.

REMEMBER: All Riders must be a Member of AusCycling to participate in any club racing events. See our Join page to find out more. 

We hold a variety of different types of races including but not limited to:


what do we race?

Graded Scratch Races 

Competitors start in a mass start in groups based on their ability, the first rider of each group to cross the finish line is the winner.

Mini Tour

Graded events including a Time Trial, a Scratch race and a Handicap race. Each rider will be allocated points for the position they finish in each event. The rider with the most points at the end of the event will be declared overall winner.

1st Place - 15 pts,

2nd Place - 13 pts,

3rd Place - 11 pts,

4th  - 12th Place will receive 1 less point than the position ahead of them.

Riders beyond 12 will receive 1 point each.

Points Awarded

Riders must complete at least half the race distance to receive any points, riders who complete more than half race distance but do not finish the race will receive 2 points for a handicap race and 1 point for a graded scratch.

Club Championships

Held for each season and consist of a Road Race, a Time Trial and a Criterium event. Eligible rides must be a DCC member and completed 5 club races before the end of season. 

Riders will be awarded points as shown in the Mini Tour section for each event and the rider with the most points at the end of the three events for each grade will be declared the winner. 

Handicap Races

Riders are grouped according to their ability and are sent off with the slowest riders first. The final group called the scratch group are are the fastest riders. The winner of the race will be the rider who crosses the line first across all groups.

Season Pointscore

During the season each rider will accumulate points towards the season point score where the winner of which will be awarded the RSL Shield as the winner of the Winter road season.

50% of the total races run over the point score will count towards the final tally, so over a 12 race season each riders top 6 results will count. The rider with the most points will be declared the winner.

Points for the road point score will not be awarded for our annual Club Championships the Easter Bar Classic or any race deemed by commissaries to be severely  interrupted by unforeseen circumstances.

Graded Races

1st Place - 25 pts,

2nd Place - 18 pts,

3rd Place - 15 pts,

4th Place - 12 pts,

5th Place - 10 pts,

6th Place - 8 pts,

7th Place - 6 pts, 8th Place - 4 pts,

9th Place - 2 pts.

If there are more than 9 finishers the remaining riders will receive 1 point each. 

Time Trials

Competitors will start at intervals of one minute, the rider who records the fastest time in their grade over the course distance will be the winner. No drafting allowed.

Dual Distance Events

Some races include a long course as well as a short course run at the same time.  A, B & C Grade riders will be expected to ride the long course and D & E Grade riders will be expected to ride the Short Course, both courses will be scored as separate races for the point score. 

Handicap Races

1st Place - 50 pts,

2nd Place - 46 pts,

3rd Place - 43 pts, 4

th Place - 40 pts,

5th Place - 37 pts,

6th Place - 34 pts,

7th Place - 32 pts,

8th Place - 30 pts,

9th Place - 28pts,

10th Place - 26 pts, 11th Place - 24pts, 12th  - 32nd Place will receive 1 less point than the position ahead of them.

If there are more than 32 finishers the remaining riders will receive 2 points each. 



When arriving at the race locations please park off the side of the road inside the Traffic Control Worksite area, leaving a minimum of one metre between your vehicle and the edge of the road, once parked you are expected to leave your vehicle in the same location until the conclusion of the event, this is to avoid sharp burs and rubbish on the road which can cause punctures to riders ruining their race.

Please ensure that you take all rubbish brought to the race location is taken home with you to dispose of.

Traffic Control Site Setup

The Dubbo Cycle Club uses its own qualified Traffic controllers to operate safe work zones during each club event out on the road.

Qualified Members will work on a rotating roster over the season for Traffic Site Setup at the Start and Turn around points of the race course, members on setup will be required onsite at a predetermined time before the start of sign on depending on the course, and will be required to finish their setup before Sign on begins  1.5 hours before the advertised start time of the race. Traffic COntrollers will be required to be in place when Sign on Opens.

They will be required to wear  Orange Hi-Vis clothing , with enclosed shoes at all times 

Sign On

Riders will be issued at sign on with an Electronic Timing Tag to attach to the front fork of your bike, it will be the riders responsibility to have this timing tag in place before the start of each race they attend, lost or broken tags will be charged back to the rider at the full cost of the tag.

Riders will be also required to register their interest of riding an event before midday on the Friday before the event, due to the setup time and pre-race configuration of the timing system, as well as time needed for Handicappers to handicap riders, any entries on the day can only be taken until 30 minutes before the posted race briefing time.


Riders will be asked to present their race licences before the start of each race to show they have an active membership with AusCycling, due to compliance and insurance reasons we cannot allow non race members race in our events.

Riders must sign on before the start of each race, The Entry fee for each rider will be $8.50 + Card Payment Fee (Seniors)  $3.50 + Card Payment Fee (Juniors) if paying at time of pre registering online.

Payment on the day will cost $10 + Card Payment Fee (Seniors) , $5 + Card Payment Fee (Juniors)  however there are some events where payment on the day will not be available including all Mini Tours or Club Championships, all riders will be required to sign in using their AusCycling Digital Licence and you will be given a race number which must be worn on the lower left hand side of your jersey so that it is readable by the camera when you pass the finish point, as well as a Timing Chip to be attached to the front left hand fork of your bike with the red side of the tag facing outwards.


If your number is not readable by the camera you may not have a recorded time or be recorded as completing the race.

Sign on commences 1.5 Hours before the advertised race briefing time for the race and will close strictly 15 minutes before the posted start time of the race. No on the day entries will be accepted in the last 30 minutes before the scheduled race briefing.

10 Minutes before the race start time riders will be asked to move to the start area where a mandatory pre-race briefing will be completed and your handicaps or start times will be announced.

Start / Finish Line Traffic Control

2 Traffic Controllers will control traffic in the designated safe zone at the start/ finish line before and during the events for our riders and officials safety, all members are to adhere to instructions from these traffic controllers at all times.

At the Finish Traffic will only be controlled for the leading bunches for their sprint finish, riders will be advised to always ride on the left hand side of the road and do not cross the center of the road for their own safety, as you know there are some situations where cars or other vehicles do not stop when requested.

They will be required to wear  Orange Hi-Vis clothing , with enclosed shoes at all times 

General Road Rules

The Dubbo Cycle Club uses public roads to conduct its road racing which remain open to traffic at all times, riders must obey all Road Rules keeping to the left hand side of the road at all times and not crossing the centre of the road, give way to all traffic at intersections, give way, stop signs , railway crossings or as directed by Traffic Controllers or Race Marshals / Officials.

Riders are expected to hold their positions at worksite at the turn around points to keep it smooth and safe for all road users, if you need to stop for any reason this will mean it can be done much easily without causing an accident, keep in mind there may be cars queued at the Traffic Controllers at either end.

For more information on General Road Rules while riding please see the following link for more information.

Turn Around Traffic Control / Sign Packup

2 Traffic Controllers will control traffic in the designated safe zone at the turn around point during the events for our riders and officials safety, all members are to adhere to instructions from these traffic controllers at all times.

Once the Follow Car has left turn around point and is no longer in the Traffic Control Zone, these traffic controllers will be required to start packing up of all signs and equipment in the Turn Around Point Worksite, once completed they will also retrieve all signs on the course on their way back to the Start / Finish Zone. Packup of the Start / Finish area will also be completed by these Traffic Controllers once all riders have finished their race and left the worksite on their way home.

They will be required to wear  Orange Hi-Vis clothing , with enclosed shoes at all times 

If there are any members interested in becoming a Certified Traffic Controller please let the race committee know of your interest and you will be contacted the next time the club organises training for the qualification. 


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