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Let's hear it for the junior Green Machine contesting the state road titles over the weekend. The riders battled on brutal climbs, contested fierce sprints, won Medals & much more.
Isabelle Russell was impressive and made an exceptional account of herself across the weekend. Being attentive at critical points putting herself in the mix throughout the tough racing. Isabelle has trained exceptionally hard for this NSW Titles and every once of form was needed to contend with her rivals. Imogen and Makayla Fuller contesting their first year in the highly competitive U17 Women's Division were ever-present in the field and managed to stay in contact. The twin sisters worked well together and remained in the top ten amongst the fast-paced group throughout the three events which is exceptional. Great teammate Isabelle would have given them some words of encouragement and a wheel to grab at critical moments.
Emily Hines U15 positioned herself in the field exceptionally well, totally switched on and giving away precious few seconds to her rivals if any. All the tough training at Geurie with the coaches stood her in great stead on the very tough racing.

Cooper Farr and Sid Pickering gained some excellent experience on the climbs keeping up with riders more familiar with the undulations. Both Riders performed well in the tough racing conditions and delivered great results which they should be very proud of.

Thank you to the riders who gave their everything over the weekend, setting a great example and doing everyone very proud.

Huge thank you to the support team and parents that drove such a long way and organised the team over the weekend. 
Thank you to everyone who worked to get riders to the event and home safe.


Junior Under-17 Women
2nd Isabelle RUSSELL                      1:36:24  
9th Imogen FULLER                          1:36:36 +0:11
10th Makayla FULLER                       1:36:40 +0:15

Junior Under-15 Women
3rd Emily HINES                                 57:50 

Junior Under-13 Boys
6th Sidney PICKERING                      29:58 +0:09
9th Cooper FARR                               30:03 +0:13


Junior Under-17 Women

3rd Isabelle RUSSELL                    23:30.95 +0:43.89 
7th Imogen FULLER                       25:22.89 +2:35.83
10th Makayla FULLER                    26:03.01 +3:15.95

Junior Under-15 Women

5th Emily HINES                               13:11.96 +0:46.09

Junior Under-13 Boys

11th Cooper FARR                             13:32.70 +1:25.10
12th Sidney PICKERING                   13:38.20 +1:30.60


Junior Under-17 Women
3rd Isabelle RUSSELL                   43:26 +0:01 
10th Imogen FULLER                   43:34 +0:09
11th Makayla FULLER                   43:34 +0:09

Junior Under-15 Women
4th Emily HINES                            24:18 +0.00

Junior Under-13 Boys
9th Cooper FARR                          12:57 +0:34
12th Sidney PICKERING               13:30 +1:07

Isabelle Russell 2nd Place Road Race

Cooper Farr and Sid Pickering Road Race

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