join the dubbo cycle club

For those who are new to riding, we promote a 'try before you buy' (at your own risk) policy for your first two or three training rides. 

Should you wish to continue riding with the Dubbo Cycle Club (DCC) once the 'try before you buy' period is up , we do require that you formally join the club by purchasing a Cycling Australia (CA) membership.

A Cycling Australia Membership depending on the level that is purchased will cover you while you ride both with the club and while out training on the road , track or wherever it maybe that you like to ride.

  • 24/7 Third party property damage

  • 24/7 Third party personal injury

  • Access to legal support & services from Shine Lawyers

  • Ability to affiliate with the Dubbo Cycle Club & Cycling NSW

  • Access to Club rides and resources (Ride + Licence) , and Club Races (Race Licence)

  • Membership Card (annual fee paying members only)

  • Member offers and updates Member eNews and Updates

  • Family Discounts Available

What membership category am I ?

There are three types of licences available which can be purchased from AusCycling.


A Ride + membership will give riders access to the Dubbo Cycle Club and its resources and it will also allow holders to attend training rides and training sessions held by the club.

For any rider under and including the age of 7 Years of age this is the only licence that can be purchased, this is the licence which is needed to be able to participate in our Tiny Tots or Super Tots racing on Tuesday Nights during Summer Track Racing.


If you are keen to do some road or track racing with the Dubbo Cycle Club you will require a Race All Discipline Licence with AusCycling. There are family discounts available , the cost varies depending on your age and what type of racing you would like to participate in.

If you are over the Age of 30 you can choose to join either a Elite Race Member giving you access to both Elite and Masters State and National Championships or a Masters Licence which only allows you to Race in a Masters Category.


Membership Fee's

Apart from the Cycling Australia Licence which is required and can be purchased from AusCycling | Memberships, there are no other membership fees payments required to be part of the Dubbo Cycle Club.

We do encourage that Our Members become a members and support our Sponsors such as Club Dubbo , who do both single year memberships as well as 3 year memberships bundled with a heap of extras.

Expiry & Renewal

Memberships are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. They can be purchased from AusCycling directly and when given the option select Cycling New South Wales & Dubbo Cycle Club.

Memberships can be paid in an Annual Lump Sum or a Monthly Payment Plan over a 12 month period. 

If you are not sure or still have any questions please feel free to contact the club.