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Club Road Racing

The Dubbo Cycle Club holds Winter Road racing during the colder months of the year usually starting around Easter Late March / Early April and concluding at the end of August or first few weeks of September each year.

Club racing takes place at several locations around Dubbo (see below for list of courses we run) and takes place on either Saturday Afternoons or Sunday Mornings for Senior racing and Sunday Afternoons for Junior Racing, for up to date locations and start times please see the calendar section on our website.

To be eligible to race at Senior road races all riders should note that there is a minimum average speed of 22 km/h, when there are two race distances riders who are not able to maintain an average speed of at least 32km/h will not be eligible to ride on the longer road races and must compete in the shorter distance, in the same way riders who consistently achieve an average speed of higher than 32km/h they will not be eligible to race in the shorter distance events. 

All Riders must be a Financial Member of Cycling Australia due to Insurance and to comply with State and Australian Laws, for more information please read the membership section of the website.

We hold a variety of different types of races including but not limited to:

Graded Scratch Races

Competitors start in a mass start in groups based on their ability, the first rider of each group to cross the finish line is the winner.

Handicap Races

Riders are grouped according to their ability and are sent off with the slowest riders first followed by each the next group several minutes later and so on, the final group called the Scratch group are the fastest riders that can do the race in the shortest amount of time. 

The Winner of the race will be the rider who crosses the line first regardless of which group they started with.

Time Trial

A few times each year we will hold a time trial event which is where each rider will ride one of our regular courses (usually a shortened version) by themselves, the rider who records the quickest time will be the winner, Time Trials are graded so we will have a winner for each grade.

Riders will be sent off with at least a minute between the previous rider and must not sit behind another rider while riding the course or you could be disqualified / excluded from the results.

Mini Tour

Mini Tour events will be run as a graded event made up of three disciplines, 1 short Individual Time Trial, 1 Graded Scratch Race and 1 Graded Handicap race. Each rider will be allocated result points for each discipline from within the mini tour and they will be added up at the conclusion of the mini tour to find placings overall for the event, The overall placings will receive points according to the Graded event table to go towards the season point score.    

Races will be scored as according to the Mini Tour Scoring Below

Season Pointscore

During the course of the season each rider will accumulate points according to the results they get each weekend and at the end of the season the top 50% of each riders results over the season will be added up and the rider with the most points will be awarded the new yet to be named Senior Road Pointscore Trophy at the Road Presentation after the conclusion of the season. 

For Example: If there are 12 Regular Road Season Races Excluding Club Championships and the Easter Bar Classic during the season, then the Top 6 of your highest point scoring races will count towards the Road Season Pointscore. The Rider with the most accumulated points at the end of the season will be declared the winner.

There are some race events where there will be an endurance race as well as a regular race run at the same time.

Generally if you race in A, B or C Grade, you will be riding in the endurance race and the remaining will be riding the shorter regular race, both will be scored as a separate stand alone races and points will go towards your overall for the season, similar to each grade having separate points in the Graded races, for example assuming the race is a Handicap race 50 points will be awarded to the winner of the Endurance race as well as the winner of the regular race.

Points will be awarded for each race of the road season except the Easter Bar Classic and Club Championships Rounds unless specified beforehand.

Races will be scored as follows:

Handicap Graded  Mini Tour 
1st 50 25  15
2nd 46 18  13
3rd 43 15  11
4th 40 12  10
5th 37 10  9
6th 34 8  8
7th 32 6  7
8th 30 4  6
9th 28 2  5
10th 26 1  4
11th 24 1  3
12th 23 1  2
13th 22 1  1
14th 21 1  1
15th 20 1  1
16th 19 1  1
17th 18 1  1
18th 17 1  1
19th 16 1  1
20th 15 1  1
21st 14 1  1
22nd 13 1  1
23rd 12 1  1
24th 11 1  1
25th 10 1  1
26th  9 1  1
27th 8 1  1
28th  1  1
29th 6 1  1
30th 5 1  1
31st  1  1
32nd 3 1  1
33rd + 2 1  1

Note: You must complete at least half race distance to receive any points, except in Mini Tours where you must finish the race to receive any points.

Race Officials / Helpers

During some weekends there may not be enough helpers to run an event in which case some of the riders may be asked to not race and assist with the running of the event.

There will be a senior club member who has a commissaries (referee) licence that will be appointed chief commissaire each week. They will have control of the event from sign on time to the completion of the presentation, they will oversee all in this period and can hand out penalties for breach of the Cycling Australia / Cycling NSW and club race rules. There will also be assistant commissaries on the day that can report to the chief commissaire.

To assist in the running of the road races throughout the season, most people will only need to do this a few times during the season.  The two main areas we will require help on will be Sign on / Marshaling start line as well as the lead car / finish line or combination of them both which will be decided on the day.

If you are unable to fulfill the job on the date allocated to you, it is up to you to organise someone to do it for you, If you do organise any swapping please let the Road Coordinator know via email so they are aware of what is happening.

Please see below for Current Roster

2019 Road Season Roster

Below are some Documents that may help you perform your rostered duty when you are rostered to do so, if you have any questions please feel free to contact a committee member or post a general question on the Dubbo Cycle Club Facebook Page.

Emergency and Accident Procedures Emergency and Accident Procedures (29 KB)

Race Day Setup & Packup Race Day Setup & Packup (30 KB)

Traffic Plans Setup and Packup Traffic Plans Setup and Packup (28 KB)

Sign on & Finish Line Duties Sign on & Finish Line Duties (364 KB)

Club Championships

Club Championships are held each season and consist of a Time Trial event and a Road Race, to be eligible for club championships you must:

1. Be a registered Dubbo Cycle Club member
2. Have completed 5 club races before the end of the season
3. You must complete all events, Road Race and Time Trial events, to be eligible for overall champion for your grade.

Riders will be given points as per the mini tour table above and the rider with the most points over all events will be the overall champion for that grade, If riders happen to be tied on points the higher place finisher in the Time Trial will be awarded the higher position.


When parking at the race locations please park off the side of the road leaving at least a meter between your vehicle and the edge of the road, once parked please remain parked so that you do not bring sharp burs back onto the road which will cause punctures to persons riding. When leaving ensure that all rubbish is taken with you. 

After the Finish

After you cross the line slow down and sit up, move to the left side of the road in single file before making a U turn to go back to the Marshaling / Parking area, check for any vehicles or riders coming from behind and use hand signals to indicate your intention of turning.

Do NOT Recross the Finish Line back onto the course following the end of your event , this may invalidate your time and the rider will not end up with a result.

Once you have arrived back at the Marshaling / Parking area dismount and move off the roads edge, please return your number as soon as possible back to the sign on table. 

Race Presentations

After the last rider has crossed the line and returned their race number the riders placing in the event will be announced alongside the fastest time and a race number draw for the Club Dubbo Meal Voucher. 
It is required that the top 3 finishers as well as Fastest Male and Female Riders remain at the event location for the Presentation, this forms part of our Sponsorship Package for our club Sponsors who without their assistance the road season would not be possible.

Prize Money will be awarded to the Top 3 Finishers as well as Fastest Male & Female, amounts to be determined by the race committee. 

Road Rules

The Dubbo Cycle Club uses public roads to conduct Road races which remain open to regular traffic at all times, riders must obey all Road rules keeping to the left of the center of the road and giving way to traffic at any intersection, give way & stop signs or turn around points as directed by turn point marshals as regular road rules apply.

Turn around point Neutral zone
For the safety of the riders and regular road users, traffic controllers will control traffic around the turn around area, marked out by Roadwork / Cyclist's Ahead Signs, according to official Traffic Control Management Plans.  Riders are expected to hold their positions in this area, you may only continue racing once you have passed the end of the traffic control zone after the turnaround, keeping in mind there may be cars queued at either end.

The Hold position is there to stop dive bombing into a turn around and keep it as smooth as possible for all, and if for safety reasons you need to stop then it can be done easily.

Finish Line Traffic Controllers

In 2017 we introduced Authorized Traffic Controllers to the finish line and turn arounds of our events, to control traffic for the leading bunch of riders only at the end of a race, we are required by the Council & Police for us to have fully certified Traffic controllers at our events for our own safety.

The Traffic Controllers will be stopping cars for the leading bunches only for their sprint finish, riders are still advised to keep to the left hand side of the road and to not cross the center of the road, while the traffic controllers are there for the safety of the riders and officials not all cars always stop when requested.

If you are interested in undertaking this course in the future please contact someone on our club committee to put your name down, when there are enough names down to run a course we will look at booking in another weekend to complete this course.

If you are a junior or any other rider who does not have a car licence or are unsure of the road rules regarding intersections then you should make yourself familiar with them see below links for more information.

Bicycle Riders Handbook
NSW Road Rules - RMS
NSW Road Rules - NSW Government

Sign On

In 2019 riders will be issued at sign on with an Electronic Timing Tag to attach to the front fork of your bike, it will be the riders responsibility to have this timing tag in place before the start of each race they attend, lost or broken tags will be charged back to the rider at the full cost of the tag.

Riders will be also required to register their interest of riding an event before midday on the Friday before the event, due to the setup time and pre-race configuration of the timing system, as well as time needed for Handicappers to handicap riders, any entries on the day can only be taken until 30 minutes before the posted race start time.

Riders will be asked to present their race licences before the start of each race to show they have an active membership with Cycling Australia, while in some cases we may be able to check your licence online before the race, many of our race locations do not have great mobile coverage and we may not be able to check this for you, due to insurance reasons we cannot allow non race members race in our events.

Riders must sign on before the start of each race, The Entry fee for each rider will be $8 + Card Payment Fee if paying at time of pre registering online, Payment on the day will cost $10 however there are some events where payment on the day will not be available including all Mini Tours or Club Championships, there will be a sign on sheet to sign your name on , and you will be given a race number which must be worn on the lower left hand side of your jersey so that it is readable by the camera when you pass the finish point.

If your number is not readable you may not have a recorded time or be recorded as completing the race.

Sign on commences 1 Hour before the advertised start time of the race and will close strictly 30 minutes before the posted start time of the race.

10 Minutes before the race start time riders will be asked to move to the start area where a mandatory pre-race briefing will be completed and your handicaps or start times will be announced.


Please Click Green Headings for Strava Segment Maps
Burroway Road
Start and assemble point are the cement area of the old service station next to beaurepaires truck tyres. race distance is approx 34kms.
Mogriguy Road (Regular / Time Trial )
Start and assemble point is approx 400-500mtrs past the Mendooran turn off. Race distance is between 38kms dependent on turn point suitability.
Wongarbon (Short / Long / Time Trial)

Start and assemble for short and long course are at the rural fire service shed Barbigal St.

The short course is approx 30kms sometimes 2 laps which will make it 60kms. The long course is approx 50kms.

North Geurie
Start and assemble point is opposite the Geurie Racecource, Comming from Dubbo Turn left into Mitchell Street cross railway line turn right onto Narragal Street then Left into Paxton St assemble point is roughly 1km on the right. Course - Follow Comobella Road out 12km to the turnaround just before the T intersection.
South Geurie (Short / Mid / Long)
Start and assemble 5km from Geurie out Arthurville Rd / Mitchell St. Just past Wooden Bridge: Course - Follow Arthurville road out to T Intersection, turn left onto Suntop road Turn point is at 30km Distance depending on suitability

Terrabella Road TT Course
Head out past the starting point for the South Geurie Course , Turn right onto Terrabella Road which is 7km from Geurie, Start and assemble point is approx 2km west of the intersection of Arthurville Rd and Terrabella Road.      Course - Head West along Terrabella Road for 6.4km to the turn point and return, turn point will be 1.3km east of the bridge over the little river.
Benolong Rd Course
Starting at the fire shed in Nubingerie Rd, (30 km's from Dubbo Travelling out Obley Rd and then Benolong Rd, Turn right at T Intersection and follow road up the hill to the fire shed on the right) Course: 1km Down the hill towards Intersection with Benolong Rd, turn left and follow Benolong road until just before the Wambangalong Creek Wooden Bridge turn around and return (Approx 20km per loop).
Sheraton Road Course (Juniors)
Kids race course start and assemble is near St Johns High School, approx 3.5 km per loop.